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Unit 2 – Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Lesson 1: How Active Are You?

Learning Intention

The students will investigate ways to access community resources to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing.

Activity A

What is Physical Activity?

Introduce and watch the short video hosted by Paralympian Athlete Evan O’Hanlan: “Are You Active Enough?

Activity B

As a class, brainstorm some examples of daily physical activity that students participate in. Introduce the worksheet My Favourite Activities (U2L1R1) and ask students to complete this individually.

As a class discuss examples of:

  • What are some low energy examples of physical activity?
  • Medium energy examples of physical activity?
  • High energy examples of physical activities that you might do?
  • Some of the benefits of all types of physical activities

Activity C

Discuss as a class

  • How much physical activity is recommended per day for children your age?
  • How do you know?
  • How could you find out?

Brainstorm places where they might go to access community resources to seek help about physical activity, safety in sports and physical wellbeing.

Discuss the the importance of applying criteria to online information to assess the credibility of the information (see Unit 1, Lesson 11-12 for more details on criteria).

In pairs, the students are to research sources of information relating to Physical Activity and places where they access community resources to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing, and prioritise those that are reliable and trustworthy.

Activity D

Using available media and resources, the students create a poster or advertisement to share the information about local services that they have discovered. These can be shared at a class, year level or whole school level to promote and increase awareness of local community health resources.