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Unit 7 – Games and Sport

Lessons 4 – 6: Modify Your Own Game

Learning Intention

Students will create and present their own modified game.

Activity A

In small groups, students choose a sport / game of interest. Using the Cricket Skills(U7L4-6R1) ask students to work together to design a modified game (U7L4-6R2) that can be played in the playground during lunch time.

In their small groups, ask students to discuss and work through the worksheet Planning Our Modified Game to Class (U7L4-6R3). Students should be encouraged to maintain the integrity of the game they are modifying, so it still resembles its original.

Activity B

Ask students to reflect on the modifications they made to determine how well the game was received.

Questions to consider:

  • What were the positive aspects of your game and how it was played?
  • What are some areas of improvement?

The students can complete the reflection worksheet Games and Sports Reflection (U7L4-6R4).

Extension Activity

Challenge students to design an event which could be included at the next Youth Paralympics using the worksheet: Games For All (U7L4-6R5) provided.