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Unit 4 – Safety

Lesson 1 Social Etiquettes

The students will understand and apply online and social protocols to enhance their relationships with others and protect their wellbeing.

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Lesson 2 Investigating Safety Resources

The students will investigate ways to access community resources to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing.

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Lessons 3 – 4 Managing Relationships

The students will propose strategies for managing the changing nature of relationships including bullying, harassment and new friendships.

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Lessons 5 – 6 Staying Safe In Water

The students will select and practise appropriate responses to promote safety in different situations, specifically in regard to water situations.

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Lesson 7 Analysing Health Messages In the Media

The students will analyse health messages in the media and compare their interpretations with other members of the class.

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Lesson 8 Ways to Promote Safety

The students will propose and plan ways to implement actions and protective behaviours that promote safe participation in physical activities

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