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Unit 8 – Lifelong Physical Activities

Lesson 5: Designing a Circuit

Learning Intention

The students will design a simple fitness circuit that involves activities requiring different types of movements, and incorporate the 5 elements of fitness.

Activity A

Various forms of muscle-building exercises and cardiovascular exercises are shown to the children using the digital resource “What is in a circuit?” (U8L5R1). As a class, the children use headings “Muscle-Building” and “Cardiovascular” to group the various activities that they have just seen. Children may add more activities to each group.

Recap the 5 elements of fitness, and name some of the elements within some of the activities that are on the list.


Activity B

As a class, discuss that a good fitness circuit needs to be fun, must combine muscle-building exercises with cardiovascular exercises, and needs to include the five elements of fitness.

In groups of 3 – 5 students, design and plan a simple fitness circuit (making sure the above elements are incorporated). Students need to make sure the environment and equipment are considered. Use the handout “Create a Circuit” (U8L5R2) to help guide the designing and planning.