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PE Teaching Resources

Here we share some of the AIS’ expertise on popular sports, as well as sport nutrition. They’re an ideal supplement to PE classes.


Playing for Life Resources

Sporting Schools is based on the Playing for Life philosophy, which encourages children to have fun and get active by focusing on skills not drills. Based on the Game Sense approach, it aims to encourage school-aged children to develop a love of physical activity that will encourage them to play for life. The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has developed free resources to assist teachers to deliver Playing for Life style sessions.

Activity Cards

The Playing for Life Activity Cards are a variety of games designed to develop the skills for a range of sports. These cards have been developed with the needs of teachers in mind and are aligned to Australian Curriculum outcomes. Other Playing for Life resources includes information on conducting a session and behaviour management.

Sports Skills Guide

Get advice from the experts with guides to some popular Australian sports.

Jump straight to: Tennis, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Netball or Swimming.

Eating for Sports Days

The food kids eat can make a big difference to sporting performance…


Indoor and outdoor games that kids of all sporting skills will enjoy.