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Unit 1 – Food and Nutrition

Lesson 1: Being Healthy

Learning Intention

The students will plan and practice strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing.

Activity A

Introduce the word to the class. Allow the students approximately 30 seconds to think about what it means to be .

Children are invited to volunteer their definition of and key words are displayed on the board. Compare this with a dictionary definition.

Discuss the role of food in being and how food affects our overall wellbeing.

Activity B

Watch the short video ‘ Habits, You’ presented by Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Sara Grafenauer, where students can learn that the sorts of foods they eat in a day actually become a part of their body and by choosing the right sorts of foods, they have a much better chance of staying .

Activity C

Discuss the food groups and the function of the nutrients using handout ‘Food Groups, nutrients and functions of the body’ (U1L1R1).

Divide the class into small groups and hand out packs of jumbled up food group and nutrient definitions. Ask groups to report back to the class with the correct matches and identify how each food group has a specific role in promoting good health.