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Unit 7 – Games and Sport

Lesson 3: Modified Games

6.8a Practise specialised movement skills and apply them in a variety of contexts | 6.8b Design and perform a variety of movement sequences | 6.9 Propose and apply movement concepts and strategies | 6.10 Participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness and discuss the impact regular participation can have on health and wellbeing | 6.11a Manipulate and modify the elements of effort, space, time, objects and people to perform movement sequences | 6.11b Participate in physical activites form their own and other cultures to examine how involvement creates community connections and intercultural understanding.

Learning Intention

Students will learn about modified games and the need for some sports to be modified to become more inclusive.

Activity A

Discuss the definition of what a modified game is, and why they are played.

Brainstorm some modified games such as:

  • Super 8 Cricket
  • Modball
  • SofCrosse

Activity B

Ask students to brainstorm sports they have seen in the Paralympic Games. For each sport, discuss:

  • What Olympic sport is it similar to?
  • How is it different from the Olympic sport?
  • What disadvantages the participants would have without modified rules?

Introduce the term “inclusive” and discuss its meaning in a broad context and then a sporting context.

Explain that this lesson will focus on games that enable people of all abilities to participate.

Activity C

Assign each group with a modified game from the Australian Sports Commission website. Discuss what modifications have been made to the games, and why they have been made.

Ask groups to present their game to the class.