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Sports Skills
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Head position

Head position

  • Keep your eyes looking directly at the bottom of the pool.
  • Keep your neck as long as possible, no wrinkles.
Arm recovery

Arm recovery

  • Fingers must be kept slightly apart to achieve relaxation in the water, this delays the onset of fatigue.


  • The pull pattern should resemble the letter S.

Body position

  • This will be achieved when you have the correct head position and are breathing correctly – swimming is a sport of balance.


  • Keep the kick small with a slight bend at the knee and the toes pointed, aiming to keep the action vertical.


  • There can be no lifting of the head at all to breathe.
  • Turn your head keeping one eye in the water during the breath.
  • If you can achieve the above, your body position will be great!
  • Blow your air out while taking your strokes.
  • Take 4 strokes between each breath.
  • If you can’t take 4 strokes without taking a breath, try taking a breath every 2 or 3 strokes, until you are more relaxed and can manage 4.

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