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Lesson 4: Food Labelling

Lesson 4: Food Labelling

Strand 1 | Substrand 1 | Content Description 6.3B

Learning Intention

The students will investigate food packaging to understand how information on food labels can help them make better food choices.

Activity A

Introduce the concept of food labelling and show the class an example of a food label (U1L4R1). Allow the students some time to study the label and to ask any questions that may arise from it.

Activity B

Lead the discussion onto food labelling and show the video ‘How to Read a Food Label‘.

Activity C

Show and discuss the whiteboard lesson “Let’s Solve The Mystery of Food Packaging” (U1L4R2). This white board lesson is a fully guided presentation about food labelling including examples and challenges for students. The white board lesson is presented is fun and engaging way using a mystery character called ‘Super Sleuth Sam’ to help guide students towards solving the mystery of food packaging.

At page 9 (Super Sleuth Challenge 1 (U1L4R3) stop the presentation and organise the students into pairs. Explain the challenge to the students, and after handing out the Challenge 1 Worksheet (U1L4R4) and Challenge 1 Handout (U1L4R5) allow 5 minutes to complete the challenge.

Regroup to discuss answers.

Activity D

In the same way, the students are to complete Super Sleuth Challenge 2 worksheet (U1L4R6) and Challenge 2 worksheet (U1L4R7)

Activity E

On completion of the challenges, the students reflect on their learnings and list 3 things they learnt from this lesson. This is then shared with other class members, and healthy eating wallet cards (U1L4R8) are handed out for the students to keep.