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International Chefs Day

Monday 22nd October 2018 is International Chefs Day. Healthy Active Kids has developed a theme this year of Healthy Foods for Growing Up. We want to encourage you to encourage your students to think about what they would like to be when they’re grown up, and how eating healthy foods today can help them get there.

Get involved by hosting a cooking workshop with your students using our fantastic new recipes.

We also have colourful posters, cut outs and placemats to support you with running an International Chefs Day Healthy Foods for Growing Up Cook Up with your kids.


We have 8 different posters profiling different professions that your students can learn from – what fruits and veggies do they need to eat to impact their performance?


Check out our fantastic new recipes that you can make with your students Make sure you have the right number of utensils, equipment and ingredients to cater for each student cooking.

Cut Outs

Fun cut outs for your students – whether they want to be a chef, farmer or popstar.


After the kids finish cooking up their healthy recipe – why not put their creations on a placemat to take a photo for them to take home?