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Sports Skills: Netball


  • Stand side on to person receiving the ball.
  • Have opposite foot to throwing arm at the front.
  • Step onto front foot as throwing.


  • Watch the flight of the ball and snatch it out of the air with fingers stretched wide.

Goal shooting

  • Reset the ball on the base of fingers and thumb of shooting hand.
  • Use the other hand to support the ball.
  • Hold the ball high above head with elbow pointing to the goal.
  • Bend knees and elbow and straighten arm in the direction of the goal.
  • Use wrist and fingers to flick the ball high.

Player with the ball

  • Stretch your arms towards your opponent.
  • Stand 0.9m away.
  • Leap to intercept or deflect the pass.

Player without the ball

  • Stand side on to player so your front arm can be used to defend the ball.
  • Keep your legs slightly bent and your hands close to your thighs.
  • Shadow your opponent.

The shooter

  • Defender’s feet must be 0.9m away from shooter.
  • Raise your arm only when 0.9m distance has been made.
  • Try to get your blocking hand as close as possible to the point of release of the ball.

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