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Sports Skills: Cricket

Batting Stance

  • Side on to the bowler.
  • Head upright, eyes level.
  • Feet approximately shoulder width apart.
  • Bat resting behind back foot.

Batting Grip

  • Hands placed together in the middle of the handle.
  • Vs formed by thumb and index finger to point down the back of the bat between the middle and front edge.

Bowling Grip

  • Fingers either side of the seam and thumb underneath.

Action: There are two main ways to learn a basic bowling action.

Pull the String

  • Stand side on to the target.
  • Pretend your hands are joined by a string.
  • Stretch the string with front arm reaching for the sky and bowling arm next to back knee.
  • Pull the string down with the front arm to bring the bowling hand up and over to release the ball.
  • Follow through with the bowling hand across the body.

Rock and Bowl

  • Make a cross with the arms then turn side on with the arm holding the ball at the back.
  • Head level and turned to look at the batter.
  • Begin rocking from front foot to back foot like a see-saw.
  • Once you have a good rock, release the ball as you rock forward.
  • Front arm pulls down past hip with bowling arm following across body.


  • Feet should be shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Keep head still, eyes on the ball.
  • Use two hands to create a large catching area.
  • Fingers point up, down or to the side.
  • Catch with soft hands giving with the ball.


  • Hold the ball with fingers across the seam.
  • Stand side on and point towards your target with the hand without the ball.
  • Reach back and high with the throwing hand with your fingers on top of the ball.
  • Pull your front arm down and throw the ball.
  • Follow through with your throwing hand across your body.


  • The wicket keeping position can also be used when fielding in a slips position.

Wicket Keeper

  • The wicket keeping position can also be used when fielding in a slips position.
  • The wicket keeper is positioned behind the stumps in a crouched position, feet about shoulder width apart, with bent knees and hands cupped together ready for a catch.
  • For spin bowlers, the wicket keeper is close up to the stumps and for fast bowlers, the wicket keeper is further back.
  • When catching the ball, fingers should point up, down or sideways rather than straight at
    the ball.

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