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Staying Active with Your Kids

1.Work up a sweat

High-energy activity helps the heart to pump better and improves fitness. To feel more energetic, enjoy high-energy exercise regularly. Both you and your kids will benefit from the extra energy output.

2.No obstacle too big

Set up a fun obstacle course in your lounge room or backyard for the kids to enjoy – and get moving through.


Dancing can be a great way to get the heart pumping, while listening to music is therapeutic, and you can do it in your own home.

4.Finding Fun

On rainy days you can play indoor games such as “Simon Says” or “Follow the Leader”, or organise an indoor treasure hunt to keep the kids moving through the house.

5.Being active is great

Whether it’s playing with friends or family, taking part in sport and other physical activities or joining regular family activities, being active is good for everyone.

6.Weekly challenge

Set up weekly physical challenges such as how many star jumps they can do in a row or how many circuits of the backyard they can run, or hold a jump rope contest.