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Eating your Fruit and Vegies

Fruit and vegetables are a fantastic part of your diet. They are low in calories, high in nutrients and a great overall boost to your health. They are also a cost-effective alternative to takeaways and ready-snacks. Your wallet will be happy too if you up your daily intake!

  • Baby steps – start where you are at and gradually add one or two more serves per day. If you are serving rice or pasta dish – don’t forget your vegies.  A simple side salad or chop some vegies and stir them through your pre-prepared sauce.
  • Try to make your fruit and veg part of your daily routine – taking a salad for lunch or having fruit for between meal snacks, is a great way to ensure you reach your daily intake.
  • A quick and easy vegies soup which you can have on standby in the fridge or freezer, is amazing when you’re pushed for time.
  • When vegies are on special, buy in bulk; then blanche and freeze and they are an easy meal addition when needed.

Aim to make fruit and vegies a part of your daily cooking routine, this change to healthy eating can have positive effects in many parts of your life.